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Hello, I’m Kim and welcome to Diverse Endeavors – a business that started because my daughter wanted a summer project. Several years ago, the stuffed dragons were one of those summer projects. I just kept making them and changing them. My daughter later gave up on this project because she only wanted to make a couple of them for herself and a friend. But I, however, kept going and soon everyone was getting a dragon for their birthdays and the like. Thank god for a large family. The next summer my daughter wanted to make jewelry. To be completely honest, she was content with just making a few things. But not me. I went crazy - I kept making more and more jewelry until I hit a point where I had all this jewelry but no cash. My sister-in-law then suggested that I do a craft show. So I did. It was only after my third event that I come up with the name Diverse Endeavors. What could be more diverse than a company that makes stuffed toys, jewelry, and Angels? So let me introduce my child safe friends(I know this due to the fact there are no small pieces to fall off and my husband gave them the fire test. I happily report they don’t burn). Right now I am only making the small Dragons and the large Dinosaurs. I haven’t worked out the kinks on the larger dragon and the smaller dinosaurs, but they are in the works and should come out in the spring 2015. When making them they are mostly sewn on a sewing machine, but are finished by hand. I finish every toy. We can custom create any animal to match your wants – we can even create animals to match your favorite school’s colors. And don’t worry if one of your creatures get’s dirty – you can simply throw it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle and tumble dry. Now we come to the other fun part of my company - the jewelry. Each and every piece is handcrafted by me, and thus unique. I use mainly gemstones, crystal, minerals and glass. I also like to recycle old jewelry, since you just can’t get some beads any other way. And to top it off, that’s just fun to do. The main idea behind my jewelry is that everyone should be able to have quality gemstone jewelry without with a high retail price. I can do custom work, but I admit the I have a hard time copying my own work. But the good news is I love making new and different jewelry and I stand 100% by my work. If you need something made smaller or larger for the most part no problem. Because I do use some antique I may not have the parts to create a larger size. Also most of the rings can only be sized up about a half size and the only way to make them smaller is to completely redo them. So this is one item I really can’t do much about the size. The other reason I rarely redo ring is I use a lot of my single beads so I can’t reproduce them. Another thing that makes Diverse Endeavors different is that, it also has a unique handcrafted line of angels. Due to the amount of work that go into each angel they are sold as is. We will gladly work with you to create the perfect angel for your home. We feel that that angels are for all seasons not just the holiday season. But should you want to store them they need to be kept in a plastic bag that can totally closed. The reason being that the real feather wings make a wonderful meal for some insects. They also need to be stored in an area that has no drastic temperature changes
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