African Jade and Moss Agate Gemstones
To call this necklace Green would be a complete misuse of terms. It is a multitude of greens and white. First the Three Agate pendant beads, they are 20mm x 16mm and are some what polished and cut. On the two side stones you can see and feel the rock with all it's pitting and ware. The colors are white, a gray white and a dark moss green. The 8mm facetted moss agates are a clear green in spots, white, the grayish green, a moss green, and even a light olive green. The 6mm round african jade is a spectrum of greens from a deep moss green to light olive green and everything in between. The lime green aurora borealis seed beads pick up all the green colors and give the necklace a hint of sparkle. If a 25 inch necklace made using green earth tones is your cup of tea, then this is the necklace for you. I know this description is long but there is a lot going on in this simple styled necklace.