Peachy Pink Poke a Dot Dimetrodon Dinosaur
Hi, I'm a peachy, pink, poke-a-dot, Dimetrodon Pelycosaur. Say that five time and I bet you'd mess it up too. I'm a lovable toy that's looking for a new home. You'll find that I like to play all kinds of games and have lots of fun. You can play with me for hours and when you get tired I'm a great pillow too. Don't worry about washing me cause you can just throw me in the washing machine and dryer after that. The lady that makes me gives each of us our own special tag that tells you something about us. Mine says "Do you like spots? I do. I think the spots make me look really sweet. I'm a really nice Dimetrodon Pelycosaur. I won't cause any problems and I behave really well. " Since I can't think of anything more to say let me leave with this, I really want to find a new home, can it be yours?