Large Dinosaur with Pink and Aqua Pot-a-dots On Blue with White Accents
Hi there as you can plainly see I'm a dinosaur. A Stegosaurs to be exact. I'm soft and huggable with lots of love to share. I'm currently looking for a new home. The Lady that made me says that's what all my friends and I have to find our own forever home. So that's what I'm doing. I have a tag that tells you a little about me and this is what mine says; "I know that I'm a little different, but no one said that different was bad. I like that I'm different. It makes me special, and I know that is a really good thing." So will you take me home with you? Before I forget if I get dirty just let the big people know so they can wash me. I'm kid friendly cause I'm made with no small parts.