Large White and Black Diamond Print Dragon with Lime Green Accents
Good day to you! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a dragon, the wings are the give away to that. I'm a really nice dragon that is made of fleece and fiber fill. The Lady that makes me says that makes me washable. But I don't like that idea cause I think the spinning would make me ill. I'm white with black diamonds or black with white diamonds, either one works I think. I have bright green accents so I'll be hard to lose. Oh yea, I have a special tag that will tell you about me. It says; "I look rather checked but it's a good thing because it makes my green seem even brighter. I like bright colors. Hey, I'm looking for a new home will you take me to yours?" What that means is that I'm looking for my forever home, so i'll cross my claws and hope it's you!