Purple and White Small Dragon
Hi there, I am a purple dragon. I know not many people get to see a dragon let alone a purple one so this makes me rather different. The lady that made me says that I’m safe for kids and washable. I don’t like that part because water is wet and I don’t like being wet. Anyway, I have a special tag that tells a little bit about me. Mine says “Purple and white sure seems to be a popular color of Dragon. The funny thing is that people keep calling me a wildcat. Do I look like a cat? I don’t think so.” I really don’t understand it, but really a cat! The lady that made me is really strange cause I just don’t get it. There is one more thing that I would like to say. Do you think you could buy me and take me to your home? I promise not to breath fire or get into too much trouble, but think of the fun adventures that we can have. D0132