Acrylic Floating Frame, Acrylic Free Standing Frame, Modern Picture Frame,  All Colors Frame, Easy Hung, Standoff Bolts, Photo Frame,Floater
Vertical and Horizontal Modern Acrylic Frame. Our Modern Acrylic frames are perfect for displaying artwork, photos and prints, this kind of Acrylic frame makes your photo the highlight of the wall. We offer 2 different kind of Acrylic frames, the one it can be hung on the wall using Standoff bolts, and the second can stand alone on a flat surface like your nightstand (Free Standing), you could choose either one when you place your order. We also offer Clear Acrylic and a large variety of different colors (Red, Black, Blue, Violet, Gray and Pink) and we are willing to offer more colors in future. You can hung this Acrylic frame vertically or horizontally, depends of your piece. The free standing frame can stand vertically or horizontally also, all what you need to do is to remove the longer standoff to the bottom holes on the frame. Please use only microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe it when it gets dusty. We offer the screws and wall anchor as well with the floating frame (I recommend 7/32 drill bit). Please note that the free standing frame doesn’t need any screws or wall anchors. I include a personal artistic photo (4”x6”) with the frame (as seen in the listing pictures) Dimensions: 7.75” tall 9.75” wide Thickness 0.25" (2 pieces, 0.125" each pieces) You can fit 4"x 6", 5"x7" and 6'x 8" pieces (photo, art...) Approximately 0.75 lbs. Material: Acrylic. Note: please, you can only use "Microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth" if you need to wipe the Acrylic frame. Thank you for considering this handmade design made from the heart. Please see my other listings on my aftcra Shop.