Delicate Designs 2

Decorative, one-of-a-kind WREATHS, CARDS, & GIFT BAGS!

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Horsham, PA
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Elizabeth Southward
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Welcome and thank you for visiting my Etsy shop, Delicate Designs! Since a very young age, I have been immensely interested in all aspects of art. Specific materials, like scrapbook paper, stickers, interior design, miniatures, architecture have always been my favorite mediums. In scrolling through my store, you will come to find that each of my wreaths incorporate one or more of these elements in a distinct and original way. No two wreaths are the same! My shop has also begun to feature gift bags and greeting cards. Both bags and cards can be utilized for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, a note to say hello, or for any other occasion that may arise! Instagram: @DelicateDesigns2