Grungy Primitive Halloween Boo Lantern Candle Holder Set Luminary Light Mantel Porch Camping Table Grungy
Halloween is creeping closer and this Grungy Primitive 'Boo' Lantern/Candle Holder Set will make a hair raising addition to your home! Made of glass, the exterior of each container has been wrapped with an adhesive material and a coffee and cinnamon stain applied for an aged appearance. Complimentary tea candles cast a tawny glow, making the hand drawn, hand cut images 'pop' and come alive! Each lantern has its own wire handle and measures approximately 4 1/4" tall (excluding handle) and 3 1/4" in diameter. These candle holders will arrive on your doorstep signed and dated by myself. Tea lights are recommended, as after four hours of burning, they can still be picked up by hand by the container. The handle, however, does become warm. Although indoor use is preferred, they can be used outdoors on dry evenings. A moisture resistant sealant has been applied. However, direct sunlight and rain could alter the lantern appearance if left outside. Please note, light intensity will vary depending on the candle used and the darkness of the room. The above pictures were taken in a pitch black room. Please contact me with any questions and thanks for stopping by!