XL EXTRA LARGE Hair Bow Adult Big Cosplay Costume Head Band Flannel Red Black Pink Bright Pink Blue White Yellow Padded Halloween Holiday
One (1) XL (Extra Large) XL flannel Hair Bow Head Band Hair Band 9.5" (top-bottom) x 11.5" (wide or side to side) Bow/Head Band Colors: RED (Bright) BLACK PINK (Medium Pink) PINK (Bright-Hot) BLUE (Bright-Cobalt) WHITE (Bright) YELLOW (Bright) My bows stand upright on the headband (just like in the photos). I only use quality materials and pay close attention to the smallest detail. How does this beautiful bow keep its shape? The soft brushed flannel fabric is reinforced with several layers of light fabrics, net, interfacing and lightweight padding. The end product is sturdy, stays looking great without being too heavy and is comfortable to wear. Machine stitched, ironed and formed into the beautiful butterfly bow shape. The same fabric is firmly wrapped around the black plastic headband and everything is securely hand-sewn into place. This EXTRA LARGE bow measures: 9.5" (top-bottom) x 11.5" (wide or side to side) * * * * * * * USPS First Class Shipping ---With Signature 3-5 Mail Delivery Days * * * * * * * Fantasy Accessory.... Comic-Con. Costume or Cosplay I also make other sizes of bows (from Adult Medium to XXXL) and many more colors too. Your vision can be turned into reality. If you need a custom bow...contact me!