A necklace as intricate as a story
The focus of this piece is made of several parts: There is a wireworked, oil painted seabird bone for flights of fancy, a Chinese enameled donut bead for exotic dreams, a rich green donut stone to ground you, and a red, carved resin bead at the bottom for heart's desire. At its longest extension, the pendant hangs about 13 1/4 in. below the clasp of the chain. So, the full length of the chain is 26 1/2 in. when opened up. The gold colored chain is quite ornate, with fancy, worked links, faux pearls, two hollow metal beads and a double lobster clasp. The double clasp is there so that you can play with the length: You can have it long enough to slip over your head with the clasps closed or you can open the clasps and wrap the chain around your neck for a double chain effect (very dressy.) You have the option, given the double clasps (an inspired idea, if I say so myself!,) of fastening the clasps anywhere along the length of the chain, all the way down to the pendant itself. The stone in the pendant, by the way, is from Africa.