Enamel fish blowing metal bubbles
This necklace has a gorgeous, two-sided enamel fish (about 2 inches long) at its focus point. Above the fish, the playful necklace has hollow metal beads, "bubbles," and sea shells, coconut shell sticks, seashell sticks, bone, and glass beads. It all adds up to a treasure lost by a mermaid and washed up on a tropical shore. Many round beads, including a multitude of seed beads, all add to the bubbling effect: an effervescent necklace. The fish hangs about 10 1/4 inches below the clasp, making the full length of the necklace, when opened, 20 1/2 inches long. The colors are mainly green, blue and white with electric pink coconut shell sticks as color counterpoints. Some beads are transparent, and some opaque. The closure is a lobster clasp and loop, flanked by eye beads, baby blues.