Donut stone with embellishments
Semiprecious stones and glass beads, some faceted, dangle from the center of a donut stone (pi stone.) In its heart there is another stone, a little ball, where the dangles are connected. The Leopardskin Jasper donut stone has an attractive pattern of roughly circular areas in pinks and grays. It is 1 1/2 inches across, the stone centered in its heart is brown and the three dangles are about an inch long. There are charming little pairs of beads worked in along the knotted length of the linen cord and there is red wirework on the donut stone to connect it to the cord. If the cord could be opened up and stretched out, it would be 32 inches at full extension and when the slider beads are moved to make the cord as short as it can be, it would be 17 in. long, so the pendant hangs 8 1/2 in. below the top of the cord at its shortest length.