Memory wire with blue and green
Memory wire forms the base of this necklace in glass blues and greens. All the main beads are on dangles, shifting and clicking with your movements, recounting good memories. There are five side dangles per side and a lampworked bead front and center with 3 charming flowers inside and a tiny bubble of air right in each one's heart. All focal beads are mounted on green wirework, hanging from delicate copper chain and three are accented with a deep yellow faceted bead. The side dangles are faceted light green glass with darker green in their centers. The piece is about 18 in. long (hard to measure curled memory wire!) and has a lobster clasp. The front of the necklace, on the memory wire, has faceted cobalt blue beads. The sides and back have unfaceted beads of the same luscious color. The dancing front beads are very eye-catching, as are the blossoms in the center bead.