Melt in your mouth green lozenges
Melt in your mouth green lozenges are set against hot pink round beads, all transparent and welcoming the light. The necklace is 20 in. long and has two lozenges of 1+ inches near the center, accented by small, sheened spearhead beads. Starting at the lobster clasp end, there is a section of four strands of bright green seed beads, enclosed by two end caps. This moves into a few inches of hot pink rounds divided by bright yellow 1/4 in. disks, then the little spearhead beads and focal lozenges, the latter of a lighter and a darker green, one each. If you turn it over, it can be worn so that the black backs of the spearheads show, to change its look a bit. This piece always makes me want to put it in sunlight. I included one shot of it hanging with light behind it so that you can see what I mean by how it likes the light.