Fishing for agate:  Ingredients are an agate focal stone, beads of all sorts and a few fish.
This is a necklace made mostly in warm browns, featuring a striking stone slab of agate with hints of red. The agate, a bit less than 2 in. long, has transparent, translucent and opaque areas, making an overall visual treat. It connects to the necklace at a stretch of brass beads which ends in two fish, looking like the fish are blowing brass bubbles. Above the fish there is a variety of beads in coconut shell, wood, plastic agates, seashell, glass and stone, ending at the back with a mix of more brass beads. The shades of brown of the majority of the beads are accented here and there with muted purple, teal, white and orange. There is something about this necklace that makes it a pleasure to stroke-- petting your jewelry, a whole new aspect in accessories! The pendant hangs 13 1/2 in. below the clasp, making the opened up necklace about 27 in. long. It closes in back with a hook and loop.