Window to a secret land:  This has 2 donut stones, multiple beads and seed beading.
The central part of this brooch has a steam punk metal filigree that looks like a window gate to a green, shining mystery world. The mystery world is formed with a deep, forest green bead set into the center of the cream and brick striped donut stone. The window frame is held in place with copper wirework to the big donut stone, which is surrounded by copper colored faceted beads, pale purple bugle beads, false pearls, lilac seed beads, then an outer ring of tiny purple seed beads, some shiny and faceted, some matte surfaced. But wait, there's more! Hanging from the bottom of the "window" there is a smaller yellow donut stone with a round purple bead in its center. And... yet more... hanging from the yellow donut stone we see a matching round purple bead, transparent, then a gold colored disc, then a matching, cylindrical "spear" bead. The whole brooch, plus dangles, is about 4 inches tall. Again, this is a substantial brooch, meant for wearing on a jacket, coat, or cloak. The back is finished in leather that is stitched on and the clasp is a pin with a latch.