Hot tropical purse; made of leather with fruits to feed the tiny wild parrot
This little red and blue leather purse will warm your eyes with its tropical colors and theme. There are a few wooden disks, like fruits, wireworked with beads onto the front of the piece, along with eye-catching pink spears of coconut shell and a little, bright red parrot perched among them, watching the world go by. There is a brilliantly contrasting spring-green lining inside and the outside is accented by a peacock blue cloth strap long enough to reach your shoulder. This strap doubles back on itself inside the neck of the purse to act as a drawstring to pull the mouth of the bag shut. It can also be knotted and tucked into the purse for carrying this small treasure in your hand. It's a gem of a purse that will win smiles! The parrot purse was designed and made by this artist, the coconut shell grew itself and the parrot just flew in. The purse is about 6 1/2 in. by 6 3/4 in. and the strap is about 34 in. long, so the purse hangs about 17 in. below the top of the strap.