Dragon on stone, with a glowing treasure, brooch wi/ leather backing
The dragon is metal, 3-D, orange on one side and golden on the other, and can be flipped over so that other color shows. Both claws reach out toward the treasure, guarding it. The little guy is suspended by a jump ring from a bit of copper cable at the top of the brooch, allowing it to dangle freely, giving it life. This brooch is about 2 1/4 inches across and would be good to wear with a heavy-weight shirt or a light jacket because of its weight. It has a large donut stone with a glowing "treasure," like a small moon, that the dragon is coiled around. The stone is held to the leather backing by six rows of seed beads, some of which are glass, some copper. The copper and the dragon and the seed beads all nicely pick up the colors in the stone, making for a pleasing whole. The back of the piece is covered with leather, hand stitched in place and there is a pin to hold it to your clothing.