Set of 4 HEAVY DUTY Solid Copper Ceiling Mounting Brackets FREE Shipping to U S Zip codes
ALL OF MY COPPER ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER. I MAKE THEM AFTER THEY ARE PURCHASED. This is a set of 4 HEAVY DUTY ceiling mounting brackets made from solid copper bar stock. Each bracket is made from .125" thick (1/8") by 1.5" (1 1/2") copper with a total of 4 .188" (3/16") holes. They are 1.5" by 1.5" on each flat (see the photos). The set comes with 8 Solid Brass wood screws and Solid Brass washers. The wood screws are 1.5" long. The brackets will hold 50 lbs. + each (possible more as I only had 50 lbs. to test them with). I designed these for my large sized ceiling hung pot racks. (36 inches up to 10 feet) I also have smaller ceiling mounting brackets listed in my store. Please contact me should you have any questions. Thank you, Darryl