Custom Mailbox

Turn your Mailbox in a practical and beautiful solution... a small clue, of your style and class.

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Florida City, FL
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Juan Cabrera
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Since selecting the best dried wood, up to deliver the Mailbox Inside the package to the USPS I make the entire process for one mailbox in about 8 to 9 hours total in between 2 days, usually. This is my work average when I work with several pieces at the same time in my workshop. I design every model from zero trying to reach the USPS requirements about the sizes. I work mainly in two slightly different models of mailboxes trying to mimic a small house but, sometimes I can handle much more complex and personalized designs following the customer draws and or suggestions. I have more than four years working on this area. Mainly I customize all the colors of the mailbox (For wall, trim, shuters, front door, chimney an roof shingles) Some special designs for the small door and windows I start a 3D design on my computer and I develop the required G-code for a small CNC machine in my workshop. I make my own codes on my computer. All the materials I get are from Builders Discount Warehouse, Home Depot, Lowe's and Walmart including the different paints and hardware. All the job of design, computer process, plastic process, carpentry, roofing, etc, I do it. Even the customer service too because I sell on etc