Multi-Colored Medium Dog Sweater
This small-medium dog sweater was hand crocheted by me. I always have trouble finding clothes to fit my dachshund because of his long body, short legs, and big chest. I have made this sweater to fit a standard dachshund or other similar size dog. I have included the measurements of the sweater so you can determine if it would fit your dog (or even cat)! The sweater is easy to put on with a stretchy neck that goes over the dog's head. There is one large opening for both front legs and covers the underside of the chest. Ready to Ship! Multi-colored pullover sweater: 18" neck circumference 24" from top of collar to end of sweater (or the collar can be folded over if too long) 22" chest circumference Measurements are approximate due to the stretchy quality of the yarn and shape of the sweater. There is a couple of inches stretch in each sweater. This listing is for the sweater only.