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Specializing in handmade gifts, Crochet Gift Solutions, LLC offers a variety of products including baby booties, totes, purses, beaded necklaces and heirloom home décor. Working with other artisans enables us to bring you a variety of handmade gift solutions so check back often. Have a specific gift in mind? Let us know! We love custom orders! Thick, cast iron handle pan covers designed to help keep your safe! Cast iron pan handles get hot! These handle covers are made with 8-ply cotton. They slide on the handle and are fully enclosed on one side to only allow the cover to go onto the handle so far. The other side of the cover is ruffled, to provide a barrier for the hand that comes closest to the side of the pan. Works well for both left-handed and right-handed people. A perfect gift for anyone who uses cast iron pans!