Crisis Gypsy

Located In
Oakland, CA
Owned By
Shannon Thoele
Store Details
I am Shannon, the proprietor of Crisis Gypsy. I has always been a dream of mine to own my own company, i come from a family of entrepreneurs that have all carved their careers, I attempted many different thing until one day I stumbled upon what now is my business. I want to share beauty and nature with people, i want them to embellish themselves with things that make them feel and look fabulous. Many of my piece include bones, souls, leaves, moss etc things i find on hikes and on adventures. I handmake unique detailed flower arrangements that can be worn as a hair piece, lapel pin, hat pin or any other way you like. Each piece is one of a kind. The piece have a felted back with two slits to make the pieces more versatile so people with any length of hair could wear them. The piece are popular with off beat brides, festival goers, burlesque dancers and belly dance folks too. I am looking for ways to expand my market so i can share the joy of each piece with the matching customer.