Sharp Harlequin Diamonds Seamless Decorative Stencil MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE on Industry Standard 12 Mil Mylar Design 105855599
This is a Sharp Harlequin Diamonds Seamless Decorative Stencil. (Different than our rounded Harlequin Diamonds Stencil.) It is available in the following sizes: 12 inches 12.5 inches 13 inches 13.5 inches 14 inches 14.5 inches 15 inches 15.5 inches 16 inches 16.5 inches 17 inches 17.5 inches 18 inches 18.5 inches 19 inches 19.5 inches 20 inches 20.5 inches 21 inches 21.5 inches 22 inches 22.5 inches 23 inches 23.5 inches 24 inches 24.5 inches 25 inches 25.6 inches 26 inches 26.5 inches 27 inches 27.5 inches 28 inches 28.5 inches 29 inches 29.5 inches 30 inches 30.5 inches 31 inches 31.5 inches 32 inches 32.5 inches 33 inches 33.5 inches 34 inches 34.5 inches 35 inches THIS SIZE REFERS TO THE OVERALL SIZE OF THE STENCIL THE GREY AREAS ARE THE HOLES IN THE STENCIL **NOTE** TO FIGURE OUT HOW BIG THE "ELEMENTS" ARE FOR THE SIZES: LOOK AT THE PICTURE... IF THERE ARE 5 "ELEMENTS" FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, AND YOU SELECT THE 12 INCH VERSION OF THIS STENCIL (FOR EXAMPLE) DO THE MATH (I KNOW ... MATH IS YUCKY) 12" DIVIDED BY 5 INCHES = 2.4 INCHES AND THERE YA GO! YOU WILL GET A 12 X 12 INCH STENCIL WITH PATTERNS THAT ARE 2.4 INCHES TALL!!! :-) Colors or lack of colors are representational only. If you need it larger or smaller than this.... Just send us a custom order request and we will do our best to meet your needs :-) Perfect for the interior designer, as well as the beginner. Cut on industry standard 12 Mil MYLAR, these reusable stencils will last a lifetime with proper care. We use 12 Mil Mylar for two reasons: 1) It gives a much cleaner transfer of the image to the surface of your project. 2) It makes it easier to transfer the image to multiple types of surfaces, such as molding, and textured surfaces. With the thicker materials, we find that it does not give clean edges on the design, and are difficult to handle. (They are not as flexible as ours are) Allover wall stencils, are the perfect DIY method for beginners to create a modern and dramatic designer look with stenciling. Better than wallpaper - you can stencil in ANY color of your choice to perfectly match your decor. All of our allover and damask stencil patterns feature an easy stencil registration system, allowing you to repeat these stencils across your wall perfectly every time. Many of our damask stencil patterns come in an extra large production size to help you stencil larger wall areas quickly and easily. If you want a larger size, just give us a call or send us some email, and we will be happy to suit your needs to a "T" IF YOU TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR PROJECT AND SEND IT TO US, WE WILL GIVE YOU 10% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER, OR REFUND 10 PERCENT TO YOU. WE COMBINE SHIPPING! BUY MORE AND SAVE! WE ONLY SHIP WITH PRIORITY MAIL TO ENSURE SPEEDY DELIVERY ON DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Your order may be subject to import duties, custom tariffs or VAT charges. They vary greatly from country to country and we strongly suggest checking your country’s customs policy before placing your order with us. These charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. If any package is refused or undeliverable, the original shipping cost is non-refundable. THANK YOU AND PLEASE COME AGAIN SOON! Remember.... There is no such thing as a silly question... Beginner to expert, we are happy to answer any and all questions regarding our products. Just ask us, and we will be happy to answer it no matter how silly you think it is!