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Creative Stencils Crafted by Americans!

Located In
Asheville, NC
Owned By
Chip & Cherise Hall
Store Details
We are a custom stencil design company located in Asheville, North Carolina. My wife and I started this company several years ago to fill a need for custom design stencils never before seen in the industry. Originally, we just provided the designs locally to local artisans & crafters in the Western North Carolina area, but after a large success, and the popularity of our stencils we decided to share them with the world. We are so proud of what we do, that we have a 100 percent money back guarantee... You don't like it, just send it back. Keep it simple, not everything works, but we promise to make it as easy as we can on you... After all, we work for you, and will make your life as easy as we can to make you and your projects be the best they can be. Our stencils are totally hand made by us, and not some huge factory of people. and we care... So please let us know what we can do for you. We will be happy to make it for you, send you a picture of the finished product, and then ship it to you. How we do what we do...... We take an image (from a photograph or other image) and scan them into a computer, and edit them so they are acceptable for the wide format laser cutter to cut them into the material. We then proof the design and make sure it is feasible for reproduction. We then test cut the design on production material, then do the artwork so it is listable on, We make the listing, and make it so that as many different colors or designs are representational of the design, and then depending on the time it takes to cut the design, that is how we calculate the cost. After all... you are paying for holes... Why should it be expensive? We put as many of the designs as we can fit on a sheet, so it will make it easier for you the "end user" And then the listing is complete. What you won't see is FAKE photographs of our designs superimposed onto walls to make you think that they are actually painted on walls... What we will do is give you a discount (either by refund or discount on your next order) for sending us your finished product so we can show you real world applications instead of our competitor's FAKE "photographs" of the end product. When will you get your stencil? You usually will get the stencil is 3 business days. We ship USPS Priority Mail to the US , and if you are overseas, we can ship there as well, but of course it will take much longer. 2 weeks is the average time it takes to get your stencils. If you need to be more economical, just send us an email, and we will be happy to accommodate you. What will you get? You will get a high quality stencil made on the finest of material. Years of research, and trial and error have lead us to the materials we use. We use the industry standard 10 Mil Mylar, specially coated so that it cuts well and gives clean lines. ***NOTE*** If you order some of our more fragile intricate stencils, you will not want to clean them with a brush, and seeing as how most of our stencils are in wide format for easy repeatable pattern, you will want to use Motsenbocker's Lift-Off paint remover to get rid of excess paint on the stencils. Spray on - Wait 5 minutes, and then just wash off.... So easy and no scrubbing... Where can we get ahold of you? You can always send us email, or contact us by phone (828) 489-4528. We love doing custom orders. Got something you want to make your project special? Never seen it anywhere, but know what it is you want? Let us help you! Ask our existing customers. We pride ourselves in open honesty, and fair competition... Have a picture or a saying you want turned into a repeatable stencil? we can help. What can you do? We can make anything into a stencil, one of the oldest art forms, stencils have been around for thousands of years... Just look on cave paintings where you see the silhouette of leaves on a cave wall... We love what we do, and hope to help you on your next project.
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