Black vinyl jacket
CrazyCloth is a one man shop. I enjoy making bathrobes and pajamas. Once in a while I will make something wild-n-crazy, like this “black vinyl jacket” that listed for sale.I am very good at making and designing my clothes to last if cared for properly. Product details: When I was a lager man this vinyl jacket was being made to fit me personally. By the time I finished making the jacket it was to big for me to wear. However, it was important that I gained public reviews about this jacket. So I wore the jacket anyway; about five times. And let me tell you, if you do not like attention being drawn to you, do not buy this jacket. The best thing about this jacket, it’s the only one like it in the entire world. Hand made by a “Desert Storm Veteran. This 1 jacket has 2 skull faces, 3 black roses, and 4 pockets. All have been ironed and sewn on. The rose on the backside is just ironed on. The jacket is made up of three layers. Vinyl on the outside and 100% cotton on the inside with fusible a sheerweight interfacing between the two. The jacket weighs approximately 7 pounds. It has 50ft of leather fringes, and 30ft of leather strippings with over 1900 silver round rivets. Which is why I have included additional rivets and some super glue for repairs if needed. The dimensions can suggest a 3 - 4X; men or women’s jacket. I did not use a specific manufacturers pattern. I dreamt it and designed it. I used a sewing machine and in some areas I used super glue. Sizes: Chest - 60” Sleeves, from wrist to shoulder - 27” Biceps can not be larger 20” The leather strippings and fringes extends past the shoulder to the tip of the collar of the jacket. When it’s cold outside you can raise the soft flurry collar to warm your ears and reveal the full beauty of this jacket. Hand wash only and air dry. Note: The silver rivets came with the leather strippings. I made this jacket over a period of six months. During that time a rivet or two had come off. I simply glued them back on using “super glue.” I will include rivets and the glue in case you need to replace any missing rivets.