Painted Bearskin robe Native American Made
65" long Black bear harvested for her meat and fat. Native American Made with certificate of authenticity this is not traditional Cherokee, it is a plains style piece. This beautiful Robe depicts the legend of "Devil's Tower" in the middle and as a Cherokee Artist I also added the legend of how humans transformed to bears in our "Yo-Nah" legend. Beautiful colors and hours of painting. Decorated in Deer toes and bells. The art of painting hides is slowly becoming lost. I have spent hours learning this skill. If you have a robe that you would like to have painted feel free to contact me. All my robes are Freehand, meaning no stencils are used. There may be slight imperfections as there were in traditionally painted hides. Acrylic paints used. Hide painting is not traditional to the woodland people. It is a plains style form of art. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the tradition going. Each hide tells a story.