Mountain lion Rug over 7 feet long
Extremely rare beautiful piece. Number 1 quality taxidermy this cat is HUGE! Measurements are: Total length Nose to tip of tail 88" (7ft 4inches) Nose to rear end not including the tail: 61" 30" Wide at thinnest part, over 5ft wide from rear foot to other rear foot Front right paw to rear left paw is a 90" spread (again over 7ft) Has a scar on his face next to his eye (please see close up photo) fur is rigged on his back and he is missing a toe that was most lkely taken from stepping in a trap when young. This was an OLD cat, he had seen many things in his life. Mountain lion meat is rich and sweet, with the texture of beef and the flavor of pork. We have always eaten what we hunted. Idaho Fish and game pelt #2479 legally harvested, tanned and taxidermied here in Idaho, comes with a legal notorized certificate of lawful take. I have had this on the wall of my shop for about 5 years it has a nice stiff tan that REALLY helps with hanging it up. Sold as is where is, this beautiful cat will be shipped fully insured to your door and will require a signature, free shipping is via USPS parcel post (1-9 business days) if you would like to upgrade to 3 day shipping, it will be approx $85.24 NO CALIFORNA SALES NO FLORIDA SALES NO EXCEPTIONS