Glass wampum head band native american made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. PORKY ROACH (Red piece on back of manikin) is NOT included in sale for demo purposes only. Glass woven wampum band is the only thing for sale in this listing. Price is for a 3 row Glass wampum Head band Actual beaded length is approx 20" long by 1 1/4" wide on buckskin. This piece will fit anyone's head as it has buckskin ties and can be tied to any desired length. I do not cut costs by using artificial sinew between my wampum I ONLY use leather to keep with tradition and also the integrity of the piece. The story on this headband reads thus: Family together on a dark path they go towards conflicts there are battles, but with community at the center you can always face the battles ahead on the dark path of conflict. Wampum is a symbol of friendship and respect honesty and promise. Headbands like this are traditional to some tribes but not others, please do your own research to ensure accurate use. No wampum was ever used as actual belts. Thank you.