Native American beaded raccoon coonskin hat Authentic Native American made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. The History of the Raccoon Hat is yet another story of Cultural Appropriation. These beautiful hats were originally worn in the winter by first nations people. During the fur trade era the trappers appropriated the wear and it became one of the largest symbols of the Fur Trade. These beautiful hats I have designed and made are my own style. I made mine to go ice fishing and it was so nice and warm and beautiful I decided to offer to make them for others. This is also beautiful enough to be worn by any Northern Men's Traditional dancer in the pow wow arena. You can sew your honor feathers to the back or top. I do all the beadwork for this hat, the medallions measure 3x3" I used #10 glass beads Elkskin leather braided and tassels with solid brass beads for decor. This was an old raccoon skin I found at a thrift store, so this item has been recycled, re-purposed and reused. This is a smaller piece that will fit any head UP TO 22.5" around If you need a larger had ask me to make one custom for you! Lined with Black felt.