Ulfhednar wolf headdress native american made
Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 79" in length ( over 6 1/2 feet long!! ) this is a beautiful MALE wolf simply stunning silver tips very thick guard hair. Thick buckskin straps to secure him to your head, ears alert and listening for guidance from creator. item comes with CITES # to prove legal origin. This headdress is not cluttered with feathers, bells or other objects, don't clutter up energy with random things. These are EARTH PIGMENT paints, these must be hand mixed and tattooed onto the hide using bone and sticks, They are NOT burshed on, they are mixed with the hide paste from the animal itself. These are the original paints made from plants, stones, coal and clay. This is the most traditional kind of paint out there and is so rarely used it is becoming a lost art in itself. Unlikee acrylics these paints actually stain the leather, resulting in a permanent image. There are hides painted with these paints from the 1800's that are still vibrant today. This is the highest quality of paint available to paint on a hide. This headdress has NORSE and VIKING symbols on it: Meaning of the symbols: Gapaldur: Success in battle Ægishjálmr (Helm of Awe) :Protection Hraethigladur: striking fear towards the enemy Gibu Anjua: Good luck The Ulfhednar at the bottom of the hide is a famous depiction, showing that a true Ulfhednar is truly part man, part wolf. Buyer is responsible for checking their wildlife laws. This headdress is NOT felted, there is to be NO border between the wearer and the spirit of the wolf. This wolf does not have holes in him. You can see in the photo of his underside that he is nearly flawless. Its my people's beliefs that you only placed felt or colored cloth around an item when not in use. To have felt permanently attached to a headdress would in a sense... limit its powers or even prevent them from entering the wearer and make it to a degree useless. Item comes with a certificate of authenticity stating my tribal affiliation, clan and enrollment information.