Glass wampum belt Native American made
Purple and white glass beads used Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist. You will get the belt in the photo Wampum belt 8 row over 1,500 glass beads This is for ONE made to order wampum Belt. I can recreate any wampum pattern you find or create a custom pattern. comes in white and purple (traditional wampum colors) Glass wampum beads were introduced in the 1800's as a cheaper source of wampum, so these are also a traditional substitute.Please note these beads are again Glass not genuine wampum shell. A Real shell belt in this size would run over $9,000 as the beads are $5 a piece. Over 1,500 beads on these beautiful belts over 34 hours of sewing cutting stitching and sizing. Deer hide leather in traditional brain tan coloring (can also do black or gold but this color resembles brain tan) This listing is for a belt 8 rows wide. This is approx 3.5" wide by 29" long for the wampumwork The leather clasps make it 35" wide. With tassels included te belt is 47" long. This weighs approx 1.5lbs it is HEAVY. And of course I leave the tassels on so if ever you wish to add more simply mail it back and I can add more rows or take them away if your waist changes. Authentic wampum belts are to be treated as if creator was in your presence. They tell stories and lessons for the tribes from which they originate. It was a symbol of friendship and respect honesty and promise. Given as a gift of friendship or love any pattern or any idea is not too complex for me to recreate.