BRAIN TAN leather Real Buffalo bone breastplate native american made
THIS ITEM IS NOT TRADITIONAL CHEROKEE these are now considered PAN INDIAN. Cherokee people do not wear bone breastplates, this is a plains Native American item but can be used by anyone dancing men's northern traditional.

Last photo is of the artist 
ARTIST NAME: Aiden ShortCloud ᏥᏍᏕᏥ 
TRIBAL AFFILIATION: Cherokee ᏣᎳᎩ Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
Portions of this sale are sent to my tribe and various communities I am involved with. I also donated items to various prisons to help fund their Native American programs and help those who can not help themselves. Inedible meat is donated to zoos and local raptor rehab facilities. I also carry real wolf, mountain lion and bear items.
You are buying directly from a Native American artist.ᏩᏙ/ ᏍᎩ Wado/Sgi
I am also a recognized member of the Indian Arts and Craft Association
ᏙᎾᏓᎬᎰᎢ Donadagvhoi Until you and I see each other again. 

This is made with BRAIN TAN leather tassel strips on the sides. It smells smokey and is very traditional. Hundreds of solid brass beads on this (not the fake thin kind) This is a museum quality piece with beautiful blue glass beads. 

The breastplate protected the heart of the warrior. I have made MANY breastplates and would be happy to make you one.

 This item has a smokey smell because again it is authentic brain tan. Each row is strung on a single strand so if it ever breaks you will only have to fix one or two rows, unlike other sellers on here who use one piece of string for the entire breastplate.... This should last you many many years. I used half a deer hide on the fringe and straps so this is super thick when it comes to the leather fringe. Just gorgeous! Each strip of fringe is 10" long alone PER strand. 
 The size of this are 24" long by 13.5" wide 44 rows of Buffalo bone and heavy authentic brass beads. All glass and bone and horn NO plastic

THIS IS ALL REAL buffalo BONE it weighs approx 2lbs and is HEAVY real brass beads and double straps to help hold the weight. Side straps to go around your waist. 

ᏩᏙ Wado ᏍᎩ sgi(thank you)