Native American Made Hummingbird Parfleche bag Rawhide  medicine bag deer pow wow regalia
No international shipping. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist. ᎣᏏᏲ ᎤᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ ᏙᎯᏧ? Osiyo ulihelisdi dohitsu Hello welcome how are you? This item is in full compliance with the Indian Arts & Craft Act of 1990 and is authentic Native American Made I am also a member of the Indian Arts and Craft Association This item comes with a certificate of authenticity stating my tribal enrollment information. A portion of all my sales is sent home to my people to help preserve our culture and heritage. You are buying directly from a Native American artist.ᏩᏙ/ ᏍᎩ Wado/Sgi Thank you for supporting authentic Native American made art. ARTIST NAME: Aiden Warrior ᏥᏍᏕᏥ tsisdetsi (Mouse) TRIBAL AFFILIATION: Cherokee ᏣᎳᎩ ᏙᎾᏓᎬᎰᎢ Donadagvhoi Until you and I see each other again I am Cherokee enrolled but I am Adopted Lakota, so therefore many of my crafts also reflect the artwork of the people of the plains. This particular piece is NOT traditional Cherokee. I have permission from plains people to make these items. Size is 6x7" I make my own rawhide from locally harvested deer and elk every fall. This is made from a doe harvested for meat in the fall of 2016. I used acrylic paint and commercial buckskin on this piece. A few decorative brass beads on the buckskin base. Buckskin straps are a little over 12" on each side, total of approx 24" Perfect for practical daily use, ceremony or your private collection. This item should never be exposed to water it will ruin it. Traditionally women painted Geometric designs and wore them. With the exception of the Warbonnet pattern, that was usually painted by women for a man's robe. Men traditionally painted story items. This is a story item showing a bear paw for inner knowing and strength. For geometric design meanings.... The women usually never revealed what the geometric meanings were EXCEPT to the buyer. This is what gives the piece its protection. I hold that secret, know your item's meaning will never be revealed to anyone but you.