Native American Made Badger Claw Necklace 10 claws
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. This necklace features 10 authentic badger claws. Badger stands for boundaries and natural aggression. Badger is a respected brother of both desert and forest. Its long sharp claws enable it to dig burrows. Burrows that once no longer used by badger, support burrowing owls. Both animals are natural enemies but neither can survive without the other. Interesting concept that goes with the native teachings of all life is sacred and connected. This badger was not wasted. Its meat went to help feed injured birds of prey at the local raptor rehab center. Her hide was tanned and made into a ceremonial headdress, in no way was this animal at any time disrespected. Special songs are sung while constructing this necklace along with sage and cedar being burned. It is clear coated in a protective finish to ensure these claws lasts you a lifetime or more. You will get a necklace similar to the one shown just as lovely and clean Necklace measures 22.5" long Largest claws measure 1.5" around the curve measured professionally. Beads are made from black buffalo horn and blue glass beads white buffalo bone carved beads. Buffalo stands for protection and I chose the red beads to represent the ancestors and respect for the life given. Again this is 10 real claws.