Smudge kit native american Plains native style
No international shipping. Smudging is an ancient ceremony of cleansing the spirit. Almost every Native American tribe practices this. This kit includes: Abalone shell 6" long Small grey Sage bundle Legal sage grouse feather (feather pattern varies) All eagle hawk and owl vulture and falcon feathers are protected by federal laws and are illegal to possess or sell. All feathers from my shop are legal to have and to own. A smudging kit has everything you need to properly wash away negative spirits and energy. This makes a perfect gift for any housewarming, new native enthusiast, or elder. One can never have enough sage. Harvested in the traditional way of the plains people we never take all the sage or pull it up from the root. Once a sage plant is pulled up from its roots or harvested in the wrong way it will never grow again. We never harvest sage without offering to the plant for its sacrifice. Know these items are harvested in a good way by an enrolled native american. I am Cherokee. Traditionally my people use ceder to cleanse the soul however living in Idaho we have sage available and not so much cedar. If a larger bundle of white grandfather sage is requested I can substitute it out at additional cost. Please note all abalone shells vary in size and color. The shell you get will be similar to the one in the photo but may not be the exact shell. All shells are guaranteed to be at least 6" long or larger. I offer many beautiful fans in my shop feel free to purchase one to use at your next ceremony. I was taught that woman medicine is water, man's fire. When we light the smudge pot you bring both male and female energy together anytime this is done sacred and marvelous things occur. Treat it wisely and with care. If you need instructions please e-mail me after purchase.