Ceremony of bears native american oil painting
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. This is a 24x18 oil canvas painting. This is my original. Bear stands for introspection and finding the answers to life's questions from within. The photo depicts a LAKOTA warrior (Not Cherokee) performing a bear ceremony. He is surrounded by darkness which represents the unknown and the spirit world. He is using a red-tailed hawk feather (not eagle) because he is asking/seeking a message. Two bear spirits surround him in greyish white, the color of purity and creator. The warrior is holding a large bear skull while praying, asking the spirit of the bear to acknowledge his prayers. He wears a wolf headdress to represent teacher, the porky roach for his ancestors and the eagle feather to carry his prayers high to creator. This is a one of a kind painting which is singed by myself (the artist) it is a very dark painting that strikes at anyone who looks at it. It causes a lot of curiosity, what is he praying for? Can he feel the bear spirit connecting through the skull? Many thoughts run through my mind looking at this, yet when I painted this a certain calmness came across me. Painting helps me with my anxiety and PTSD thank you for supporting authentic native art. I have a strong connection with the Lakota people please understand that this painting is of a Lakota warrior not cherokee as there are some that might confuse the two. ᏩᏙ (wado. Thank you)