Smudge Kit Eastern native style
Smudging is an ancient ceremony of cleansing the spirit. Almost every Native American tribe practices this. This kit is a Cherokee style Eastern native american kit, We use the Sea Scallop vs the abalone shell of the plains people. This kit includes: 1 small bundle of cedar 1 Atlantic Sea Scallop 5x4.5" wooden stand 1 Turkey feather A smudging kit has everything you need to properly wash away negative spirits and energy and ask for protection. This makes a perfect gift for any housewarming, new native enthusiast, or elder. One can never have enough sage. My family uses cedar for protection. I was taught that woman medicine is water, man's fire. When we light the smudge pot you bring both male and female energy together anytime this is done sacred and marvelous things occur. Treat it wisely and with care. If you need instructions please e-mail me after purchase. I offer many beautiful fans in my shop feel free to purchase one to use at your next ceremony.