Bear Paw Medallion Native American Made
3.5x3.5" medallion 30" long beaded neck tie. Backed with commercial buckskin. Size 10 beads. Artist Richie Martin Tribal affiliation: Enrolled Caddo Tribal Member I do carry Real bear claws on my direct website. Etsy policy only allows natives from Alaskan tribes to sell their real bear products. This policy has negatively effected my tribe's income. We harvest our bears for use for ceremonies, for sacred meal and the fat is even used for ceremonial paints, soaps and many other things. Etsy's decision to only allow one tribe to sell is not only wrong, it has caused my tribe to have to throw out perfectly good bear hides because if we can't sell them we can't afford to get them tanned, when each person is allowed the legal harvest of 2 bears a year and we hunt for the meat it's almost impossible to find uses for our excess hides and claws because we are NOT trophy hunters. This new policy has resulted in excess waste of our left over hides and claws. Much like our Alaskan brothers we run out of uses for things like claws. This is why Esty should allow us too to sell our left over inedible items. They claim they are doing this because of the "endangered Species act" however there are 3 exemptions to this law. Etsy is choosing to only recognize the 3rd when the other 2 exemptions to the law cover tribal members from NON-Alaskan Tribes such as myself. Our artwork is an important part of our culture and our sovereignty. Tribes rely on craft sales to fund cultural activities and hold the community together because everyone benefits. Write integrity [!at] Let them know this isn't okay. Either allow all tribes, or no tribes at all, because ALL tribal artists represent their ancestors, their communities and their cultural, not just Alaskan Natives. Tribal artists can not compete with Etsy when it comes to advertising on this internet. Although we have our own sites we can not afford the web advertising a large corporation can. With that being said again this is a RESIN black bear claw but all other items in my store are REAL genuine claws and teeth.