Horse Pigment Paint Hand drum native american made 13" drum
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. Drum size: 13" Head: Deer rawhide This drum has beautiful horses painted onto it. These horses are dancing before mating, we have a male and female horse around the prancing horses is a red circle border with tiny yellow dots. Red is the color of women and their life cycle it represents the womb. The yellow dots are the eggs to which new beginnings come from. This was painted on the hide while it was wet, the paint is part of the drum. This is how painted drums always were made, not painted after they have dried like most people do these days...this can only be done if using traditional pints About the paint: The paint used on this piece is becoming a lost art it is extremely special. Pigment paints are made from crushed stones and plants. I have to mix each color by hand every time I paint, and I usually have to reheat my paint several times throughout the painting process. I use only hand carved painting sticks to apply my paint to the piece. Today most artists use acrylic paint but when they do it simply doesn't look "indian" These are the original paints used by my ancestors. They are mixed with hide paste and or prickly pear. I am VERY proud to offer these paints in my shop. To make a drum is a very long process. First I have to find a hunter who harvests the deer/elk for its meat in a respectful way. Then I flesh the hide and take it to the river where I soak it until the hair falls off. Next I stretch the hide and pray with it. Then I cut the rawhide heads and soak them and the rawhide lace. Then I tie the drums and hang them in trees to dry. A few days later I am able to paint each drum. Each drum is a living guest in your home. When they get to hot they tighten and can crack, if they get to cold they soften and wont play. These drums I make have a spirit. They should be treated as a guest in your home. Place in an area where they will be comfortable, do not place them face down (disrespectful) they are not to be hung on the wall as the energy will drain out (walls are for decorations) I was taught that the drum is a part of all cultures around the world. When we come into this world we have our drum and our flute and when we leave this world we take our drum and our flute (meaning voice and heartbeat)