Wolf headdress mounted head w teeth feet and claws Native American Made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. I have been making these specific wolf items for over 12 years now, I am a master at this art and I make these to order. I must select the hide, for years I allowed others to do so and it would end up a disaster. Picking a quality hide is the first step to having a masterpiece made for you. Please, let the professional do it so I can guarantee a beautiful product. Your wolf is NOT endangered and comes with CITES permit number and legal statement (receipt) Showing legal origins of this wolf as it was harvested in Canada by their law enforcement. Requires a signature and extremely high insurance so shipping is very high on this item. Buyer is responsible for checking their wildlife laws. This headdress is NOT felted, there is to be NO border between the wearer and the spirit of the wolf. This wolf does not have holes in him. You can see in the photo of his underside that he is nearly flawless. Its my people's beliefs that you only placed felt or colored cloth around an item when not in use. To have felt permanently attached to a headdress would in a sense... limit its powers or even prevent them from entering the wearer and make it to a degree useless and allowing you to oil the hide to keep it from cracking for years to come. This has been mounted by a professional taxidermist. The upper jaw insert has the teeth come down over the dancer's head. The head only weighs 1.4lbs so you wont feel it when you dance. This has been shapped to fit a human head while retaining the majesty of the wolf.