Full Mask Skunk Sporran taxidermy head
Thank you for visiting my page This is the sporran you will get. There are a lot of Sporran Makers out there, but are they actual licensed taxidermists? I have been doing taxidermy for over 10 years. Which means you are getting from start to finish a quality mounted item. I have been making crafts since the age of 9 (I'm 30 now while this is being written) so that's over 20 years experience. These beautiful one of a kind sporrans are handmade. No part of it comes from a machine, they are not just fur glued to a commercially made sporran. From the moment the animal is hunted to sewing every stitch, this beautiful piece is meant to be displayed with your tartan in a way that will make your ancestors proud. I see a lot of interesting sporrans, but, I personally wouldn't want to spend $700 on my custom family tartan kilt and be seen with a masked sporran that would make a mockery of it. This is why I started making these for others. I do not use fur industry hides also known as "fur farms" when you work with actual hunters several things come into play: 1. Fur farms etc. Do NOT help with wildlife conservation. Most state wildlife departments (Idaho Included) do NOT get funds from taxpayers. When a hunter buys tags and their hunting license 100% of that goes towards conservation. 2. States control what animals need to be hunted to help other species survive, for example in Idaho we hunt animals like badgers to help protect the population of burrowing owls. 3. A hunted animal is not in a cage for the entirety of their life.... They are free and happy. Now that we have established that: Masked sporrans can be worn casual all the way to full formal. So your investment in this sporran will mean you don't have to purchase several sporrans to be properly dressed for an event that calls for a kilt. From 100 degree days to your wedding this sporran is perfect for any occasion. This is a beautiful thickly furred skunk sporran. Each skunk sporran is unique in color and length, your skunk will have solid stripes present but each is made by nature and character will vary. Comes with straps ready to wear on your belt. storage space is 5x5 Total length about 20" I do custom work for traditional Celtic heritage items. My father's Surname is Crawford (Scottish heritage but was again I was adopted) my family motto is "protection through strength"