Wolf paw medicine bag REAL with claws Native American Made
Comes with CITES permit # proving legal Canadian Origin Each Wolf paw is unique and will vary in color Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. Bag size is approx. 7" long by 3" wide with a flap You will get a wolf paw medicine bag SIMILAR to the one in the photo, again the color will be =, each paw has it's own features because it came from a genuine wolf. This is made from an entire wolf legskin, meaning it is fully furred and complete. There are 4 for sale, each one is from the same wolf and will vary slightly. Again these are TANNED not dried, there is no smell and the interior has been finished into a leather that will last generations. These paws came from a Canadian wolf so the item comes with a CITES permit # showing Canadian origin. A medicine bag is a VERY powerful spiritual item. It should only be bought if you can not make one yourself. For a very long time I refused to sell these items. After discussing it with my teachers and having so many people ask me to make them because they can't I have reconsidered. When a medicine bag is made it should have as little to do with money as possible a simple piece of buckskin scrap will do and I try to keep my prices on them down as best I can. The items you place in it are for your knowledge alone, nobody should ever touch your medicine bag but you or people you are very VERY close to. I was taught that every human being has a spirit with medicine just as every animal. Medicine bags are not made to show off they were made to hang below the shirt in the center of your chest over your heart. They don't need to be extravagant or beautifully decorated plain and simple is humble and best. This is what I have been taught about medicine bags