Black Bear Headdress Native American Made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. NO SALES TO CALIFORNIA, NEW JERSEY ADDRESS! This beautiful bear was harvested by a 9 year old boy on his very first spring bear hunt with his father. It was a warm day, he was focused on saving the meat so he skinned it as fast as he could. There are many holes in the hide but the bear is still stunning. He brought the hide to my shop and sold it to me so that he could help his dad pay for the flat tire they got on the way. These hunters hunted the bears for their meat, they go in the spring because the meat has less fat on it from being in hibernation all winter. The boy had butchered the head, so the head on this bear headdresss is a scrap piece from another bear. We don't waste so I have gone to lengths to make this piece into a stunning ceremonial piece, or it can be used as a rug. The bear measures 61" nose to tail. It has black buckskin ties on the head and waist for dancing or ceremonial wear. Fish and game tag is present to ensure it was legally harvested with Idaho laws.