Real bear claw necklace with teeth traditional drilled native american made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. 20 count Real Black Bear claw necklace A matched set from the same bear! Buyer must check their local laws before purchasing product by purchasing this product I am assuming you have read my store policy and agree to its terms. I am licensed in Idaho if you are unsure if this product is legal in your state please call YOUR local wildlife office/DNR/Fish and game Thank you for understanding. I am not a legal resource for your state wildlife laws unless you live in Idaho. By purchasing this product I am assuming you have read my store policy and agree to its terms. Do NOT use fingernail polish on authentic claws. All my claws come clean polished and sealed in a protective professional finish. Finger nail polish looks nice at first but will peel off making your claws look like they too are pealing. I seal these claws to help them last a lifetime otherwise a claw can break or come off of the knuckle bone. My claws will not do that to you. Largest claws are 2.5" Great eye-catcher. 20 claws what a deal!!!! With 2 fangs that measure 2 1/2" this necklace is about 20" long this is a one size fits all necklace has clasps for a perfect fit! Red beadsfor the warrior, and black buffalo beads to protection. Bear represents inner voice look inside yourself for all life's answers learn to trust your instincts and to take life a day at a time.Throughout history the bear claw represents Strength, inner knowing, and commands respect. The Bear claw necklaces were always worn by the most successful warriors. To defeat an enemy in battle whom wore bear claws was considered a great honor. Real bear claws are always an eye catcher no-matter where you go. Real Bear claws are almost never seen these days. Pow wow dancers will drool over your bear claw necklace and even out and about in daily activities people's eyes will pop out of their skulls at the sight of a bear claw imagine a whole neck full of them! This item is native American made I will send a certificate of authenticity with its purchase including my enrollment number and tribe's information in compliance with the Native American Arts and craft act of 1990 Buyer is agreeing that they are responsible to know of their wildlife laws and are agreeing to my shop policies.