Real Cougar claw necklace Native American Made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. If you are unsure if the sale of this wildlife product is legal in your state please ask me BEFORE purchasing this item. Real Cougar claws are hard to find this claw measures 2" along the curve of the claw. Whit beads for purity green beads for life Cougar or mountain lion stands for ultimate lone hunter, representing coming into power. Silent and sly but strong and aggressive! The power of the cougar as the largest big cat in north America is asserting yourself! Take charge and make your own decisions! Though solitary animals the Cougar is respected for its cunning hunting skills and can help you to figure out your next plan of action in your life. Cougars think before action they plan ahead. If you are unsure if your state allows the sale of this wildlife product please ASK YOUR FIsh and game department before you PURCHASE!