Real Bear claw pendant FRONT claw 2.25"
2.25" around the curl ONE Claw per purchase Please check your state laws BEFORE purchase. Many states do NOT allow the sale of authentic bear claws if you order you assume legal responsibility and I assume you are in compliance with your state's laws. No INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING this is a real animal product and can not be exported without high fees and permits I do not ship internationally. Buyer must check their local laws before purchasing product by purchasing this product I am assuming you have read my store policy and agree to its terms. Listing is for ONE claw only PLEASE SELECT THE HOLE STYLE FROM THE MENU or an undrilled claw will be mailed: Traditional drilled : when strung it will point towards your chest Cross drilled: Lays flat against the chest (like most my necklaces) Undrilled: No hole Last photo shows front bear claw compared to a rear bear claw for size comparison only You will get a claw SIMILAR to the one shown, to be honest I sell these so quickly I can't take photos fast enough. It will be cleaned, and sealed in a protective finish and a #1 quality piece. You will be happy with your purchase!