Real Bear claw choker native american made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. Buyer must check their local laws before purchasing product by purchasing this product I am assuming you have read my store policy and agree to its terms. I am licensed in Idaho if you are unsure if this product is legal in your state please call YOUR local wildlife office/DNR/Fish and game Thank you for understanding. I am not a legal resource for your state wildlife laws unless you live in Idaho. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! Please read my store policies prior to purchase by buying this item you are agreeing to this policy. This product is Native American made upon sale I will mail a certificate with my tribe and roll number on it. It is in compliance with the Indian Arts and Craft act of 1990. THIS BEAR WAS NOT HUNTED FOR PLEASURE. My people have harvested bears for thousands of years for spiritual use and food. There are special prayers made to ask the bear nation forgiveness before taking the life of one of the bear people. Bear meat is high in fat and is quite tasty it is divided amongst the people for meals. To my people bear fat has healing abilities, the fat is rendered secret herbs are added and it is used as a healing treatment and given to many elders. Bear skulls are often used for prayer sticks or alters, bear robes for healing ceremonies to help bring the bear back to the ceremony, we wear bear claws to carry the healing medicine and strength of the bear with us to honor him. This choker has a 1.5" real black bear claw attached to it. This is an AUTHENTIC BEAR CLAW not a fake or resin. It has been coated in a protective finish to help the claw last you a lifetime! Buffalo bone pipe beads are white standing for protection and strength Blue beads for healing black beads for the spirit world. Brown beads for the earth Bear stands for introspection, healing and solitude. This necklace is designed one size fits all! Measurements are: Real Black bear Claw: 1.5 " Buckskin ties:8" adjustable Choker itself :12" Total length: 32" This is adjustable by the way it is tied