2" Trapezoid Pendant Blanks, Upcycled Precut Top Grain Leather (10)
2” trapezoid pendants have a center hole that follows the shape's contours. Pendants measure 2" long by 1.5" wide at the bottom. These die cut pieces are top grain leather, handmade by me from scraps of high quality Italian cowhide (from a maker of comfy upholstery). Hollow trapezoids are approximately 1.5mm thick and flexible, but not droopy. Use them as necklace focals, bold earring dangles, or to embellish anything from a hat to a special greeting card. Cut edges are unfinished and may have fuzz on the edges that can be trimmed with sharp scissors or filed with an emery board for a smoother look. A small hole at the narrow end makes it easy to add components, such as jump rings, dangles, and ear wires. Is it the bottom or the top? You decide! Depending on the scraps I have to work with, leather may be smooth, pebbled, distressed, or embossed. Colors range from understated earth tones (browns and grays) to vivid hues (like acid green or cheerful cherry red). As these are made from a single thickness of natural cowhide, the finish is only on the front. Also available in vegetable tan tooling leather (a stiffer leather that is great for painting, dyeing, and branding). Choose from a set of 5 matched pairs in randomly selected colors, browns, grays, or beige vegetable tan tooling leather. Custom requests may take additional time to prepare. Shop Home: http://CoolGiraffe.shop I ship all orders from my local post office, just a few miles east of Dallas, TX. Thank you for supporting small businesses!